A Course in Miracles site ( is a complex site that was completely redesigned from the bottom up.  It features a system for ACIM students to listen to the lessons and the site will automatically keep track of which lessons they have completed. It also features several historical videos, sample pages from each translation, a donation page and a full-featured online store (shown below).  The site was designed by Carol and the interactive features were implemented by Victor.
The ACIM-Archives site ( represents a two-year collaboration between the Foundation for Inner Peace, the Foundation for A Course in Miracles and  It is a complex site that features archival audio, video, news archives, film trailers, animated photo walls, and more.  Carol designed the site along with the audio and video editing and implementation.  Victor provided the programming for the animations on the site.
ACIM Online Store
The ACIM Online Store was completely redesigned as a fully functional ecommerce site with searchable catalog, shopping cart and secure checkout. The site was designed by Carol and integration with the site was done by Victor.

Jean Shinoda Bolen's archival website was designed and developed by Carol Hansen Grey.  It features her speaking schedule, a listing of all her books and anthologies with links to, and links to radio shows and videos.

Victor Grey programmed the Contact Page and Mailing List page.
The site was designed by Carol Hansen Grey in collaboration with Jean Shinoda Bolen as a follow up to the site.  It represents the next step in the grassroots movement to advocate for a United Nations sponsored 5th World Conference on Women.  The graphic headers feature photos from the 4th World Conference on Women held in 1995 in Beijing.

5th Women's World Conference

The Fifth Women's World Conference site and logo were designed by Carol Hansen Grey to support a grassroots movement to encourage the U.N. to sponsor a 5th Women's Conference on Women.  The site is connected to a member directory, has custom designed graphical headers on each page featuring women's quotes, includes audio clips, and has an extensive link section to summaries of all the previous UN sponsored World Conferences on Women and downloadable documents related to these conferences.

The carolhansengrey.comwebsite was designed and developed by Carol to profile her work as an author, empowerment coach, and web/graphic designer. It is a very large, graphic intensive, complex site that incorporates audio and video.

Personal Empowerment Path
The Personal Empowerment Path website was designed as a resource for Carol's clients and to promote her Personal Empowerment Workshops.  The site features Carol's upcoming events, testimonials and articles.
The Simple Healing Tools website was designed as a companion to the Simple Healing Tools book by Carol Hansen Grey.  The site features book excerpts as well as a growing list of resources that will be useful for those who read the book.


Dr. Ellen Potthoff's website has recently been redesigned by Carol as a mobile friendly site.

Millionth Circle

The Millionth Circle site is a site that was completely redesigned by Carol Hansen Grey using the original graphics.  The site navigation was enhanced with a new graphical menu and several new sections were added to include archival material. 

The logo was designed by Mary Corrigan. The interactive forms were developed by Victor Grey.

The Global Conference on Women is a one page site designed for Jean Shinoda Bolen that gives the background for the necessity of a United Nations global conference on women.

Author William Whitson's website was designed and developed by Carol Hansen Grey.  It features information about the Born for Flight series of books by the author as well as reviews, author notes, sample chapters and an extensive photo collection of WWI planes.

The site also features information about other books by Whitson with an extensive list of links to Air and Space Museum websites, WWI Airplane History sites as well as Air & Space publications and journals.
The Judy Ranieri site was designed by Carol incorporating the colors of her logo and linking to her blog. Carol also photographed the Joy Boxesdisplayed on her site.

Living Directory Network Logo

The Living Directory Network, developed in 1997 in collaboration with Sergio Lub, is a complex, interactive, fully-searchable online directory that connects over 200 groups and more than 45,000 individuals in 162 countries. Victor Grey, site development and programming, Sergio Lub, site architect, Carol Hansen Grey, logo design.

Friendly Favors Logo

Friendly Favors, is a complementary currency group within the Living Directory Network. A popular Friendly Favors feature is the option to send electronic Thankyou's, a unique system of community building that acknowledges and accounts for the goodwill we receive through the exchange reciprocal favors. Victor Grey, site development, programming and logo design.  Sergio Lub, site architect.

Richard Carlson Memorial Site


The Richard Carlson Memorial site was designed and developed by Carol Hansen Grey following Richard's untimely death.  The site features information about his memorial service with photos taken by Carol Hansen Grey, special remembrances by his family and friends and a growing list of condolences.


The PSEA site was a design and development collaboration between Graphic Designer Charles Ewers and web developer Victor Grey.  The site features a content management system, an automated camp reservation system and an inter-active calendar.

This is the website that launched our web development business in 1996. The Open Heart site is a complex site featuring an extensive links section. (Click on heartlinks), an interactive Peace Experiment sign up page, an extensive "inspired writings" section that serves as an archive of writings that surfaced after the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

Only Love Prevails World Peace Experiment
The Only Love Prevails site is home to the World Peace Experiment.  The site features a self-updating database system that automatically tracks and displays the number and location of people who sign up to participate in the experiment. Site and logo design, Carol Hansen Grey. Site development and database management, Victor Grey.
Open Heart Press
Open Heart Press has been completely redesigned as a mobile-friendly online store where visitors can purchase products produced by Carol Hansen Grey and Victor Grey.

Open Heart CafePress Store

The Open Heart CafePress store was designed by Carol offering 100s of products featuring her exclusive designs including the ACIM Weekly Thoughts (over 50 designs), the Only Love Prevails World Peace Experiment, Personal Empowermentgraphics and more.
Open Heart Empowerment Jewelry is a website featuring Carol's one-of-a kind hand-knotted beads individually blessed by infusing it with the Reiki energy of love and self-empowerment as well as a blessing that is in alignment with the characteristics of the beads. A description of the positive characteristics of the color and material used to create the PEP beads is included with each strand.
Open Heart Blog
Carol's Open Heart Blog was created using Wordpress and a variety of Wordpress plugins. Cleopatra's Pearls is a Shopify online jewelry store created for Mary Plunkett. All the graphics on the site were created by Carol.


Quenvold's is an e-commerce site created as a collaboration between John Hopper, graphic designer, and Victor Grey, web developer. The site features products searchable by style, brand and characteristic. Company staff can maintain the online catalog, including pictures, with a custom designed Content Management System (CMS). The site also includes a shopping cart and ordering system.

Victor has worked as the main developer of this complex Ruby-on-Rails website application for over two years. The mission of doGoodr is to facilitate charitable and philanthropic endeavors, increase public participation in initiatives to do good, and maximize the public benefits for those most in need.

The website features a suite of Internet-enabled tools that allows anyone with a legitimate need and anyone wishing to offer them assistance, to find each other in the fastest, most efficient way possible. All services are free of charge.

Circle Connections

This is the original Circle Connectionssite. It was designed by Carol and featured customized graphics,
animation, audio, video, and a private membership login area. The link takes you
to the original site for Circle Connections that now serves as an archival site.


Hierarchical vs. Circle Model
Chiropractic Healing Arts site was designed by Carol for Dr. Susan Marsters. Carol also designed the logo and business card as well as custom graphics for the site.
The original MamaNaDada.orgwebsite was designed by Carol for Joyce Oneka of Kenya, founder of MamaNaDada-Africa, an organization devoted to enhancing the lives of women and girls.  The website features details about their many projects and events.
A one page website inviting people to participate in a simple grassroots "eace" movement that lets others know they stand for peace by displaying a lighted candle in their window every night.
DreamTime Radio DreamTime Radio was a website designed by Carol Hansen Grey that presented bi-monthly online radio shows from 2006-2008. Carol recorded and edited the audio for the web, designed the logo and maintained the site.