Victor Grey

Victor Grey, Partner

He is proficient in several programming languages, with a particular love for Ruby. Victor also has wide ranging experience with database design and Unix system administration. Website usability studies and graphics optimization are further interests that make Victor a well rounded developer of professional quality websites.

He was a professional pilot for fifteen years, flying for a commuter airline based in New Haven, Connecticut and then an international aviation brokerage based in New York City. His experience with computers began with these positions. He relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1993, and began designing and programming websites in 1995.

In 1997 he published a book about the Internet, "Web Without a Weaver: How the Internet Is Shaping Our Future." Tucson business professor and economist Thomas Greco, in his new book "Money", describes Victor as a "veteran Internet strategist." Evolution Biologist, Elisabet Sahtouris says, "It's the book I had hoped someone would write about the Internet."


Carol Hansen Grey

Carol Hansen Grey, Partner

She is an author, graphic artist and website designer. Skilled in the use of a variety of graphic and design programs, she has been professionally designing logossince 1993 and websitessince 1999.

Carol is also an experienced project manager, with the know-how to take a project from inception to completion on time and on budget. More detailed information about Carol can be found on her personal website: